Imagine Cinema takes all the stress of organizing a film event from you.

Imagine Cinema specialises in creating the one stop shop film experience. Creating a service which works that little bit harder and delivers that little bit more to create a memorable film or cinema event.

Community Cinema

Most communities, large or small, once had their own cinema, but times have changed. A good quality pop up community cinema can not only fill that gap but provide a cinema experience that is unique to a particular community.

Where commercial cinemas can boast top of the range projection equipment and seating, they lacks social interaction.

Our goal is to help support community cinema projects and make watching a film a personal, social and enjoyable experience.

Imagine community cinemas are fantastic places where local people can have a fantastic time. They are also places that can support local business. For example a community cinema can sell locally sourced food and drink at cheaper prices than the commercial cinemas. Some cinemas also obtain a temporary license to sell alcohol.

A themed night is also good fun where people attending the film are encouraged to dress up as characters from the film being shown.

Another good feature of a community cinema is having an interval where you can recharge your glasses and chat to people.

Can you:

  • Imagine a cinema experience that is unique to your community?
  • Imagine the fun you can have at a Imagine Cinema event?
  • Imagine if we helped you set up your community cinema and enabled you and your team to establish it?
  • Imagine what might happen if your community cinema was a place where people could volunteer and develop new skills?
  • Imagine if your community cinema enabled people to meet new friends?

All it takes is a little imagination to make a real difference


High standards ensure quality projects. Imagine projects has a proven track record for offering a reliable service.

All of our clients have the reassurance of:

Personal involvement throughout the duration of your project ensuring its smooth running and successful outcome.

  • Extensive community cinema experience
  • Added and excellent value through competitive costs and quality service
  • Strict adherence to health and safety regulations

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

Imagine projects considers the quality aspects of our business to be of great importance, as only services leading to lasting customer satisfaction safeguard the continuity of the organisation.

Management practices and employee work activity will, without exception, promote on-time delivery of services to our customers, which match their requirements and are competitively priced. All work carried out will meet or exceed the standards set out in approved codes of practice.

In addition, Imagine projects is committed to a policy of ‘right first time’ and to a policy of continuous improvement in the quality of  all the services it provides.

Quality procedures are prepared accurately and adequately to describe the application of our corporate quality programme.

The requirements of the quality procedures shall be fully applied by all staff.


Imagine Projects is experienced in setting up Community Cinemas. Contact us to find out how we can help you set up yours.