Film and Live Sporting Events

These short stories are about events in local communities that used projection equipment to offer film screenings, live sporting events, race meetings and family events to form community by getting local people together and raise money for a local project.

Lidgett Grove York

Lidgett Grove Methodist Church is a large building with a growing programme of community activities, along with a building re-development project. The results of a community survey led to several film events to raise money and help develop a strong and vibrant community.

A good quality pop up cinema was provided by Imagine Projects which included a suitable sized screen, a quality projector and sound system.

A community café was open during the film serving light refreshments, tea and coffee, cake, popcorn, ice cream and chocolate.

Shipton by Beningbrough York

The small village Methodist Church had closed for worship and reopened as a useful centre for the community. A community survey revealed that 50% of respondents would support a community cinema in the former church building.

Several film shows were organised and each event proved to be well supported.

kW film PhotoKingston Wesley Methodist Church Hull

Several events were held at Kingston Wesley Methodist Church on Holderness Road in East Hull.

These events included live sporting events, films and holiday clubs. These events helped to make Kingston Wesley a vibrant resource for the local community.


Imagine Projects is experienced in setting up Community Cinemas. Contact us to find out how we can help you set up yours.